For your private fitting for your FORMAL GOWN alterations please email me about the item needing altered.

Please include:

the date you are wearing your gown

what you believe needs to be altered

your availability during appointment days/hours

Rush alterations available for a premium fee

Schedule Permitting

Business/Phone Hours:

Tuesday through Friday 12pm - 6pm

Saturday 11am - 4pm

Available Appointment Times:
Tuesday 12pm - 6pm
Thursday 12pm - 6pm
Saturday 11 am - 4pm

Included in this price list are basic starting prices.

Depending on how your gown is made, how many layers it has, what fabric is used for each layer and how the lace/beads are sewn (if any) determines the actual cost of the alterations.

Bodice Alterations
Fit sides of bodice $55-$75
Fit bust seams only $65-$85
Sew-in cups $25
Sew-in bra $45
Add corset (you provide material) $125
Replace zipper (you provide) $45
   Embellishments additional $25-$50
Formal Gown Skirts
Fit the skirt sides only (1-3 layers) $40-$75
Hem skirt outer layer $45
Each lining layer $15
Each outer swags $15-$25
  (Price includes up to 15' around hemline. Over 15' around is $3 for each additional foot.)
   (Price includes shortening up to 8" from original hem. Over 8" is $10 per additional 5'.) 
Shoulder Alterations
Alter 'spaghetti' type straps $35
Add pre-made 'spaghetti' type straps $45
Custom 'speghetti' straps (you provide material) $55-$85
Alter shoulders with a complete armhole $45-$55
Hem sleeves-short or long $45-$75
   Embellishments additional $25-$50