Please email for your appointment and include a link or pictures of your gown, the date you'll be wearing it and what you believe needs altered.

Exclusively altering Wedding Gowns and Women's Formalwear by private appointment only.

Written Estimates $45

  Email for an appointment.

  At which:

~~The inside of your gown will be looked at, before changing into your gown, to see exactly how your gown is sewn together for accurate pricing.

~~Your gown will be pinned where it needs to be altered.

~~You will be able to see and feel exactly how your gown will look and feel when the alterations are complete.

~~You'll receive in writting what exactly needs to be altered and the exact cost.

Professional Wedding Gown Steaming

Your gown professionally steamed within a week

before your special day. 

Email with a picture of your gown and

we'll set up a time to drop it off.

Most gowns are $75-$150

With alterations $50-$75

Have the kit mailed to you!

If your don't live in Jacksonville or just prefer the convenience, you can have your kit mailed to you.

Click on the link below and follow the instructions.

Also makes a great wedding present.

Range Estimate by Email:

Email for a range estimate for your alterations.

Please include:

**either a web link or pictures (clear when zoomed) of your gown (from top to hem, front and back)

**the date you are wearing your gown

**what you believe needs to be altered

You'll receive as minimal range estimate as possible

Click the above link and enter the amount you'd like to pay and follow the instructions to enter your information.

If you're paying for someone else, please put their name in the "special instructions" box to be sure they are credited with the payment.

Your gown is spot cleaned with special attention to the hem before dry cleaning.

The material is the preserved and

enclosed in an acid-free container

Included is a 100 year guarantee against the material yellowing.

Gown Preservations $230

Call, Email or Text for your appointment

to have your wedding gown

professionally cleaned and preserved 

through the

Wedding Gown Preservation Company.