Business/Phone Hours:

Tuesday through Friday 12pm - 6pm

Saturday 11am - 4pm

Available Appointment Times:

Tuesday 12pm - 6pm

Thursday 12pm - 6pm

Saturday 11 am - 4pm

Rush alterations available for a premium fee

Schedule Permitting

For your private fitting for your WEDDING GOWN alterations please email me about the item needing altered.

Please include:

the date you are wearing your gown

what you believe needs to be altered

your availability during appointment days/hours

Included in this price list are basic starting prices.

Depending on how your gown is made, how many layers it has, what fabric is used for each layer and how the lace/beads are sewn (if any) determines the actual cost of the alterations.


Most gowns with an average lenth train can be put into 3 - 5 bustle points

3 Bustle points is $55

5 Bustle points is $85

Each additional bustle point is $15

Written Estimates $45

Email for an appointment.

At which:

  • The inside of your gown will be looked at to see exactly how your gown is sewn together for accurate pricing before changing into your gown.
  • Your gown will be pinned where it needs to be altered.
  • You will be able to see and feel exactly how your gown will look and feel when the alterations are complete.
  • You'll receive in writting what exactly need to be altered and the exact cost.

Wedding Gown Skirt Alterations

Fit skirt sides-no embellishments each layer $75

Lace and/or beads additional $150-$225

Reshape skirt (Ex: from A-line to Fit-n-Flare) $225-$375


Bodice Alterations

Gowns with no embellishments

Fit sides of bodice . $75-$125

Fit cup size $95-$125

    Lace and/or beads additional $50-$225

Corset Alterations

Remove zipper only to insert $175

Remove zipper and alter to increase V $225

   Lace and/or beads additional $50-$150

Shoulders Alterations

Alter 'spaghetti' type straps $45

Add pre-made 'spaghetti' type straps $55

Add custom 'spaghetti' type straps(bride provides material) $75-$95


Add pre-made sleeves $75-$115

Add custome sleeves (bride provides material) $150-$275

Alter halter-no embellishments $45

Alter armhole shoulders-no embellishments $55

Sleeve-hem-no embellishments $55-$95

   Lace and/or beads additional $50-$150

Zipper Alterations

Replace zipper in gown-depending on embellishments $85-$175

Alter gown at back zipper no embellishments $85-$175

Lace and/or beads additional $50-$150

Bra/Cups Alterations

Sew in strapless bra (sewn into side seams, cut off back strap) $55

Sew in cups (bride supplies) $40

Hem Alterations

Satin layer no embellishments $75-$125

Organza layer no embellishments $75-$95

Chiffon layer no embellishments $95-$150

Hem at waist no embellishments $150-$190

Tulle layer-cut up to 2 layers same width $45

   (Above hem prices are for plain hems up to 15' wide at hemline.

Over 15' wide is $3 per additional foot.)

   Lace and/or beads that have to be removed in order to hem starts at an additional $100 plus. Price is determined by the way the lace/beads are sewn onto the material and the quantity.

Lace Hem Alterations

Hem lace layer up to 3" wide $150-$200

Hem lace layer over 3" wide $175-$250

   (Above lace hem prices are determined by how the lace and beads are sewn onto the material.)

Attached Cinoline

The attached crinoline is sewn onto the lining of your gown.

Usually all layers of the crinoline can be hemmed at there $55

Each layer that has to be hemmed seperately $35

Professional Wedding Gown Steaming

Your gown professionally steamed within a week

before your special day. 

Email with a picture of your gown and

to set up a time to drop it off.

Most gowns will be $75-$150...With alterations $50-$75