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Rush alterations available for a premium fee





Becky specializes in Wedding Gown and Women's Formalwear alterations and only by private appointment.

Please email for your appointment. When emailing, please include what needs to be alter and the date you'll be wearing it.




 We do written estimates.   $30

Email for an appointment at which:

  • you will change into your gown on for it to fitted to your figure
  • It will be pinned where it needs to be taken in, hemmed and bustled
  • you'll be able to see and feel exactly what your dress will feel like when it's completed
  • you'll receive a written estimate stating what needs to be altered on your gown and cost involved








Professional Wedding Gown steaming! 

Your gown professionally steamed within a week before your special day.  Email with a picture of your gown and to set up a time to drop it off.

Most gowns are $100-$150 depending on fullness and train length. 

50% discount when alterations are done by Becky's Bridal Alterations.







Have your Wedding Gown professionally cleaned and preserved through the
Your gown is dry cleaned. including spot cleaning special attention to the hem, then the material is preserved and enclosed in an acid-free container.
A 100 year guarantee against the material yellowing is included.

Also makes a great wedding present.


























Trying to lose weight before your wedding?

I've got the answer for you! Click the link below and you'll be taken to my ItWorks! page. It's amazing the difference just 3-4 wrapsq and 1 week will make. From not quite being able to get the zipper up, to it sliding up with ease. If you're looking for a bigger change and have a few weeks, 12 wraps is optimal. You could lose inches.

Check it out!